Live Your Life!


As time goes on and you get caught up in the day to day grind, don’t forget to take some time out to actually live. Next time you’re in the shower, sit down underneath the beams of warm water. Maybe get out that rubber duck you got from Walmart a few weeks back for your nephew that you never gave to him. Look that duck in the eyes and have a deep conversation with him. The water should make it easy to commit, because the situation will be cozy. Now that you’re relaxed, make up a scenario for that duck. Maybe he’s a young hot shot football rookie and you’re his fast-talking sports agent. The shampoo bottle can be the cell phone. Have a conversation trying to get him at least $100,000 and then discuss the deal with him. Maybe read the shampoo bottle after. Smile at that cartoon character on the front of it. For Christ’s sake, LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Solace in Nature

This technology is awful for us. Fucking zombies. We have anti-drug campaings but camp out like fiending crackheads for new iPads. Yes, I see it now. At night I fantasize about the facebook headquarters blowing up and no one can log on. Eyes glued to the phones. Malcolm, Matteo, all the anti-technology people, you’re so right. We’re all subconsciously begging for a return to the garden. Solace in nature my friends.

Ninja Turtles


Let’s have a serious talk. The other day I caught the end of the first Ninja Turtles movie. There aren’t even any words for how badass that movie is. Especially for a supposed kids movie. It’s so incredibly dark, gritty, emotional, genuinely funny and heartwarming. Now, the new live action TMNT movie has been announced for Christmas Day 2013. $100 Million dollar budget and Michael Bay producing. BUT what scares me is that the turtles will be all CGI. Jim Henson did amazing things with the turtles and the craziest/best part was that they were actually THERE. You believed it. I still to this day have not been convinced that the Hulk was actually there in the movies. So if they fuck this up and I can’t believe the turtles are actually talking to these humans, I’ll be really angry. But, potential for crazy action and Kevin Eastman (co-creator fool) apparently loves the script draft so far. Me and Matthew will be there opening day either way.