I Hate Modern Day Rap / Hip-hop


There aren’t even words to express how much I hate modern day rap/hip-hop, whatever the fuck you want to call it. It’s the complete antithesis of everything that made me fall in love with hip-hop back in the day. It’s like this, girls will be able to enjoy The Expendables, but The Expendables will NEVER be a girl movie. And that’s what we have now. That’s why I hate Drake so much. It’s girl music. All this electro, auto-tune, club, drinking, love centric music is just for girls and hip-hop was never girl music. It was rough, rugged and raw. The beats were so hard you wanted to snap your neck and the lyrics were explicit and real. Great job assholes, by pandering to females you’ve literally destroyed an entire genre of music. I can’t even think about even slightly trying to conform to modern day rap without wanting to vomit blood everywhere. #VAGINARAP