Look, we could rant about art all day, but one of the amazing things about entertainment is how it creates a separate play land from real life. When I curse or grab my dick on stage, beyond the base level shock value is a glorious celebration of the fact that I can’t do it in most situations without repercussions. From Elvis’ hip shaking on TV, to Morrison’s infamous trial over indecent exposure, to Janet’s Superbowl breast scandal, there has always been a flip side to the coin of art that sets fire to our culture and titillates us as much as a poignant statement does. In my personal view of entertainment, both are equally as important in our quest to avoid the cardinal sin: boredom.

So we can babble about her performance all day long, but Miley, the kid who sat in his 7th grade classes the next day and listened with near sexual pleasure and a throbbing sense of purpose to the kids disgusted with Marilyn Manson’s VMA performance salutes you.

Let’s keep showing them why this isn’t the real world!

Modern-day Rap Music

I like how that Kendrick verse inspired everyone but the people he mentioned to respond to it. It’s nice to hear the type of hard, five minute mixtape verses that I used to bump with Eric and Drew all the time again, but we already knew all these dudes could spit. The problem is all the people he mentioned are just straight fucking mainstream garbage. Drake couldn’t SPIT with a gun to his head. He just makes teenage girl music. Mac Miller, Big Sean? Who the fuck would actually be a fan of these people if they didn’t have a vagina? Fucking cornballs killed the goddamn spirit of hip-hop itself. The massive reaction to Kendrick’s verse just shows how long it’s been since we’ve seen someone actually trying and not just making a bunch of glossy bullshit for the radio. God I fucking hate modern day rap music.