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Jason Ellsworth has been both buoyed and tormented by an overwhelming sense of idealism and a suffocatingly hyperactive mind for as long as he can remember. Cursed and blessed with an inner monologue that never shuts off nor decreases in intensity, he has found much solace in the craft of writing. Disgusted by the lack of opportunities for raw honesty in day to day life, he uses his prose as a way to find the freedom the ‘real world’ won’t allow him to have, often getting embarrassingly personal, pathetically vulnerable, and shockingly blatant in his work, all in the name of entertaining the reader. A sickening narcissist capable of endlessly pretentious statements like the ones above, it should be no surprise that he lives in Los Angeles and hopes to become famous one day, mostly to validate his inflated sense of self, and hopefully share some interesting ideas with the world.



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