Free Thinkers Are Dangerous

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The social media entity known as ‘Jason Ellsworth’ is a lie. It is actually a page run by the government with the intent of discouraging rebellious mind states. Ever since facebook’s inception, we have been using our own version of graph search to locate certain personality types. Mr. Ellsworth, even from his first few posts, was exactly what we were looking for. We contacted him, offered him compensation for having his page taken over, and have been controlling every aspect of it ever since.

So why break our silence now? We believe that, after five years of his constant philosophizing, we have made our point and now wish to present it to you in hopes of eliminating any confusion. To be clear, the thoughts contained here were from Mr. Ellsworth’s mind, but were overseen by us. Mr. Ellsworth represents a stellar example of a very common and classic human archetype: the free thinker. Through this incessant look into his mentality, we hope to have once and for all neutered the romanticized appeal of this personality type.

You have now seen a solid half decade of posts trying to deal with a so-called, ‘elevated consciousness’, that have become increasingly more repetitive. Mr. Ellsworth has delved into the deepest realms of the human psyche and experience and come up with plenty of diatribes and yet no actual results. He is in no way further along than he was at the start of this journey, except on some meaningless mental plane of epiphanies. It has not led to advancement in the real world whatsoever.

Over the last few months, you may have noticed a frustration over the pointless nature of such revelations from none other than Mr. Ellsworth himself. Being aware, dear citizens, has always been and will always be a cruel trick. It simply makes you more conscious of the problems without any solutions. And why is that? Why is it that these psychedelic substances, so passionately preached by types like Mr. Ellsworth, can come up with a million amazing thoughts but yet not one actual concrete, applicable idea?

It’s because there are no solutions. Idealism is a promise from an absentee father, presented only to perpetuate false hope, a buoy that only floats on the sea of art. Art, a wonderful addition to our society, must be understood to be included. It is a bandage. When you slightly hurt yourself, you grab a bandage and it eases the pain. Beyond that, a bandage has no actual use to society, and if the pain increases to a more serious level, you will need to seek other outlets (surgery, doctors) to actually feel better. Artistic minds are naturally drawn towards questioning life and can become quite full of themselves from the presumed importance of these thoughts, mistakenly overestimating their potential to do something about it. They get their heads full of manifestos and revolutions, distribute them to the public, and get the false hope joyfully reverberating inside citizen’s skulls once again.

Minds like this forget their true purpose, that they are only supposed to be a bandage for the similar-minded. They get excited and think themselves to be capable of actually causing change as opposed to just spouting off philosophies, never realizing this is as impossible for them as much as effectively writing a song or constructing a poem is for most government officials. These types of brains are childlike dreamers and do not understand what it takes to actually run a country.

Much is made of us here at the government lying to you or working in secrecy,  with people continually expressing anger over our ‘evil’ ways. This is the same as people who aren’t parents discussing raising children. Most of you have no clue what it takes to actually keep people in line. Of course we lie to you. Of course things are done behind your back. Do you know how many millions of people we have to keep from spewing into chaos? Do you think your loving parents told you every little part of their day to day lives when you were children? Of course not. Some things would scare you. Others would be pointless for you to know or only confuse or stress you. Human brains can respond extremely positively to truth, and yet the vessel it is contained in is often useless for real social change. To put it in other terms, Kurt Cobain works beautifully as a leader when he’s a musician speaking to depressed teenagers. His and other artist’s personality types wouldn’t work for a second when placed in positions that deal with actual societal issues, such as President. The realistic brain understands the very real dangers of feeding the public unadulterated truth.

This, dear citizens, is the fallacy of all artists, poets, philosophers, rebels, and free thinkers – that their exotic mindsets translate into anything useful other than, as noted, a bandage to soothe. We have made mistakes, some of which are very shameful. We are not perfect and we do operate behind closed doors. But we have given you a mostly peaceful existence, one that is much closer to what the artists sing about than most realize. Problems occur and are obsessed over, but what of all the people who are able to live quiet, harm-free lives because of what we have set up in this country? You cry over tragedies put under a microscope but neglect to look at how much of a functioning society we’ve really created. If you think you can improve on it, please be proactive in doing something about it instead of just ruminating through song or words. Taking that approach is fine, but it’s time to internalize the futility of it.

It is said free thinkers are dangerous, with the implication being they are the ones who will rattle the cages. It’s a true statement, but for a different reason. They are dangerous because they are charlatans. They preach beautiful lies. Idealism is thoughts of a dream world, so a dream world is the only place that particular sentiment has any use. We are a real society, with real people and real problems.

Mr. Ellsworth, through his hyper-analytical mentality, has reached the pinnacle of understanding. It has left him with nowhere to go. If he wishes to further himself, it will have to be in our world, the one he so often mocked. Even if he wants to push these thoughts out further into the public, an understanding of certain industries will be in order. How does the publishing world work? What agents will look at your material? You can see that no matter what path he chooses, anything other than a monk’s life of silence will require knowledge of this actual existence, the same one his type so claims to despise.

So for those of you who wish to actually participate in this world, your government asks one simple task of you: give up the dream of rebellion. It is a childish pursuit and one that leads to a dead end. We hope Mr. Ellsworth’s posts have been adequate proof of this. Thank you for your time, and please, continue to enjoy your society as law-abiding citizens.

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